Marsden's Pure Honey llc

    Maybe you have seen me at the Dane County Farmer's Market in Madison, Wisconsin.  Then you know where to get great honey.  I have been keeping bees for over 57 years  and have been selling honey at the Dane County Farmers Market, 'On the Square,' in Madison since 1978.  Most of my honey comes from the countryside around McFarland, Stoughton and Cottage Grove Wisconsin.  I move my bee around to pollinate crops for farmers and sometimes get different honeys.  

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"Bee Skep Man"

Dale Marsden

  PH: 608-838-3992

Sorry I can not make it on Mar. 11 or 18th. 

 Wildflower honey, comb honey, spun honey and candles are  available on the farm,  and at the Dane County Farmers' Market at Garver Feed Mill  March 25th.


On Farm Honey prices:

12 oz. Honey Bear                                            $6            

 8 oz.  Jar glass  honey                                     $5

1 Lb.  Jar glass or plastic of honey           $8 

1 Lb.  Jar glass or plastic of honey           $8 

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2 lb. Jar glass or plastic jar of honey   $14 

Comb honey   6 oz.                                         $5 

12 oz. comb                                                      $10

For comb, call ahead and I will cut  & pack some.