Marsden's Pure Honey llc

    Maybe you have seen me at the Dane County Farmer's Market in Madison, Wisconsin.  Then you know where to get great honey.  I have been keeping bees for over 57 years  and have been selling honey at the Dane County Farmers Market, 'On the Square,' in Madison for over 41 years.  Most of my honey comes from the countryside around McFarland, Stoughton and Cottage Grove Wisconsin.  I move my bee around to pollinate crops for farmers and sometimes get different honeys.   So far this year  I have wildflower, Locust and  purple loosestrife on hand.

I will be bottling pumpkin and sunflower honey for the Dane County Farmers' Market Walk-up market fropm 9:30 am until 12:30  pm., September thru October, 2020.


"Bee Skep Man"

For shipped orders or to pick up at the farm, 

2614 Rverholm Rd.,  McFarland, WI53558,

 please call ahead:  PH: 608-838-3992 or go to:


My honey is also available at Eugster's Farm Market between Oregon and Stoughton on Hwy 138. in glass jars and  12 oz. bears.  Look for my comb honey, spun honey,  candles and  plastic containers of honey in the next few weeks and the rest of the season. 

My bees are collecting buckwheat honey  which will be available by October. 

Shipping Deals - In most cases flat rate boxes are the most  economical means of shipping honey. 

80 honey sticks   $20 + $8  shipping and handling                             $28

1 - 12 oz. Honey Bear $5 + $8  shipping & handling                          $13

2 -  12 oz. Honey bears  $10 + $8   shipping & handling                   $18

1 - 1 Lb Plastic jar of honey  $6 + $16  shipping & handling             $22

1 - 2 lb. Plastic jar of honey  $12 +$16.00 shipping & handling     $28

1 - 5 lb  Plastic jar of honey   $24+ $16 shipping & handling           $40

1 - 12 oz. comb of honey   $12 + $16 shipping & handling                 $26

Fresh locust and wildflower honey is now available on the farm, at Eugster's  on Hwy 138, east of  Oregon, WI.

Wildflower, clover and purple loosestrife honey is still available from last years production. 

On Farm Honey prices:

12 oz. Honey Bear $5 

8 oz.  Jar glass or plastic  of honey  $4

1 Lb.  Jar glass or plastic of honey  $6 

 2 lb. Jar glass or plastic jar of honey  $12 

 5 lb.  Jar glass or plastic jar of honey  $24 

1 - 12 oz. comb of honey   $12 

16 oz. Tub  of spun honey  $10