Marsden's Honey

Creamed/Spun Honey 

Spreads like cream cheese at room temperature.

2 oz. jar                    $2.50

5 oz. jar                   $5.00

13 oz. tub               $10.00         


Travel Bear    2.5 oz.                         $2.00

Minnie Bear   6 oz.                            $4 .00 

Mama Bear    12 oz.                          $6.00


2 oz. Party Favor    

A small glass jar of honey;
great for party favors or for traveling.  Custom labels available.  

2 oz.    jar                           $2.00

50-200 jars                  $175/100 

For more info go to Wedding Favors.

Ordering information:

Call or email to arrange an order. Payment  by check is preferred. Honey can be shipped  year round in any of  these containers. Prices available on request.  No bulk sales !

Larger sizes available at the market or at the farm. Call ahead.


Plastic Classic jars:

8 oz.                      $5

1 lb.                        $9

 2 lb.                      $16

Honey Stix

Generally a wildflower honey but there have been times when I have had other flavors.  Great snack for anyone or as a tea stirrer.

 Pack of  10 stix           $3.00

Pack of 25 stix            $7.50

Honey Products

Marsden's Honey is available in seasonal types or flavors.  My standard honey is the wildflower and I have it available year round. It is a raw, natural, and  pure honey. 

Comb honey will be available  by July and it comes in as clover, basswood or wildflower honey. 



Glass Classic jars:

8 oz.                   $5

1 lb.                   $9

2 lb.                     $16

Spun/creamed honey
Honey stix

Comb honey

Use like jam on toast, bread or English muffin.  The wax  is edible and practically disappears as your eat it.  

12 oz comb in box as shown      $ 15.00

6 oz.  comb in half size box          $   8.00

Chunk Comb Honey

Comb honey surrounded
by liquid honey in a jar.

10 oz. glass jar         $10 .00

20 oz. plastic jar      $18.00 

 (40 Oz. jar shown. Not available.)