Creamed/Spun Honey 

Spreads like cream cheese at room temperature.

2 oz. jar                    $2.50

5 oz. jar                   $5.00

16 oz. tub               $10.00         


Travel Bear    2.5 oz.                         $2.00

Minnie Bear   6 oz.                            $4 .00 

Mama Bear    12 oz.                          $5.00


2 oz. Hex Jars

A small glass jar of honey;
great for party favors or for traveling.  Custom labels on gloss white material available at no cost.  

2 oz.    jar                           $2.00

50-200 jars                  $175/100 

For more info go to Wedding Favors.   2 oz. Party Favor

Ordering information:

Call or email to arrange an order. Payment  by check is preferred. Honey can be shipped  year round in any of  these containers. Prices available on request.  No bulk sales !

Larger sizes available at the market or at the farm. Call ahead.


Plastic Classic jars:

8 oz.                      $4

1 lb.                        $7

 2 lb.                      $12

Honey Stix

Generally a wildflower honey but there have been times when I have had other flavors.  Great snack for anyone or as a tea stirrer.

 Pack of  7 stix           $2.00

Pack of 20 stix            $5.00

Honey Products

Marsden's Honey is available in seasonal types or flavors.  My standard honey is the wildflower and I have it available year round. It is a raw, natural, and  pure honey. 

Comb honey will be available  the rest of the year and it comes in as clover, basswood or wildflower honey. 



Glass Classic jars:

8 oz.                   $5

1 lb.                   $8

2 lb.                     $15

Comb honey

Use like jam on toast, bread or English muffin.  The wax  is edible and practically disappears as your eat it.  

12 oz comb in box as shown      $ 12.00

6 oz.  comb in half size box          $   6.00

Chunk Comb Honey

Comb honey surrounded
by liquid honey in a jar.

10 oz. glass jar         $9 .00

20 oz. plastic jar      $14.00