Honey Sources

Honey comes from many sources. Honey is made fom nectar that bees collect form a variety of flowers.  They generally go after the most prolific, sweetest nectar in the fields aor in trees.  They collect nectar from a wide are, at least 8000 acres, around a single colony location. 

They don't care whether the flower is a noxious weed or your favorite blooms, they get their nectar from whatever they find.  

First thing in the spring they get nectar from maple trees and and pussy willows.  Other early blooms including   dandelions,  Russian Olives and honeysuckle. 

A busy on a sunflower.  I have bees next to several acres of sunflowers

Basswood blooms hang down for bees to find. 

Goldenrod provides an amber honey that tastes like butterscotch.

Wildflowers provide a variety of tastes the heighten the flavor of this blend of honey. (below)

Dandelions provide the first crop of honey.

Clovers provide the main honey crop in the midwest

 I extracted honey, from hives in the the city of  Madison , Wisconsin,  that was very floral reminicent of wisteria. 

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