Honeybees are the most important pollinator in commercial agriculture.  Millions of hives are moved around to pollinate main crops of nuts, fruits and vine crops. Honeybees do this because they need the pollen to feed their young larvae.  They have hairy bodies that pick up the pollen and while the be is gathering and grooming the
pollen into her pollen baskets she is unknowingly pollinating the flower. 

Other pollinators  are butterflies and solitary bees such as the orchard bees and bumble bees and humming birds. 

Honeybee on Buckwheat  Blossoms



Apple Blossoms

Citrus Blossoms


Bumble Bee

Peach Blossoms

Orchard Bee

Pollination Services

My bees will be ready for pollinating orchards on May 1st.    Half of my bees are already on implied contracts and will be placed as needed.  About 20 hives are available for orchard pollination and they will also be availble for summer-long pollination needs.  Orchard pollination is $60/hive, with a minimum of 3 hives. Summer rates are lower  or as negotiated.